I was hunting Bears in Wyoming with my young son and was shooting a Weatherby 30-378 with the standard muzzle break. This is a nasty cartridge and the over blast was a lot for a young shooter. A friend let me use a traditional suppressor to suppress the over blast. It did a fine job of suppression but at a huge cost in weight and added length. After a week of hunting and many hours dealing with a traditional suppressor I knew we could leverage our experience to make a more advanced suppressor. I must admit the R&D process was a lot of fun and produced a suppressor we were happy to put our name on. Many people ask how you expanded from Turbomachinery to Firearm suppressors. The answer is simple, the design fundamentals we use to solve the suppressor problem is the same as we use to design Turbine and Compressors we are just looking for a different answer. In one we are maintaining energy in the gases and the other we are suppressing the energy.


Aerocharger Ballistics (AB) is a company built from years of experience designing and building turbochargers and turbo machinery. Aerocharger is the combination of Aerospace and Turbocharger. Aerocharger began in the 1970s and developed some of the technology used in today’s diesel trucks specific the Variable Turbines. Today Aerocharger continues development work with the United States Airforce for drone and many other applications. We approach the suppressor market from a different angle by utilizing our vast knowledge of thermal and fluid dynamics and applying it to firearm suppressors. More than half of our employees are military Veterans and the others are gun guys so the enthusiasm was very high as we develop this product years ago and continues today.



We know there are many options when choosing firearm suppressors. At Aerocharger, we are devoted to everything we build. We want to ensure that our products meet and exceed all expectations. We take pride in knowing so many customers trust our craftsmanship.

  • Not only manufactured in the USA but also manufactured in house

  • R&D and T&E in house

  • OEM supplier for CZ-USA

  • Multiple patents

  • Turbomachinery development and manufacture since 1970’s

  • In Kansas since 2001

  • Navy supplier since 2003 Cage Code: 4Y6M0

  • Contractor for Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Bar Stock enters our facility and finished product leaves

  • We own 1 of only a few Bruel & Kjaer “Pulse Systems” in the firearm industry

  • Duns: 802007620

Unbelievably quiet.

Staff was wonderful, even taking the time to teach new shooters.

Top notch.

D. Reed, Supressed Fest participant