Western Hunting & Conservation Expo show SPECIAL:

Our flagship suppressor and most popular size, the RAPTOR 8 Suppressor with 2" Reflex mount, flush mount and salt & pepper shakers

($1,150 value) for only $830.00. 

Offer valid through February 26, 2021. Must use code WHCE21

Call 913-829-3400 or email sales@absuppressor.com

Raptor8_2inch_SP-shakers_Lores copy.jpg

The RAPTOR suppressor from AB Suppressor uses spiral shaped baffles to keep the gasses moving while reducing back pressure. The result is our flagship suppressor. Utilizing the REFLEX mounting option greatly increases the suppressor volume without increasing the overall length of the firearm. The RAPTOR comes

in 5.56, 7.62, .338 and .375.